Diesel Oxidation Catalysts

FFT microfresh® catalytic converters are specifically designed for diesel, petrol, and LPG mining and related industry applications.

diesel oxidation catalyst productsIf you need to reduce your deadly exhaust pollution, are tired of the harsh "rotten egg" odour or are losing out on valuable contracts because your equipment doesn't meet ADR, EPA, DME, DPI, MSHA or CARB standards then installing a microfresh® stainless steel diesel oxidation catalyst is the solution.

Our diesel oxidation catalysts for diesel, gas and LPG applications reduce deadly carbon monoxide (co) by up to 99%, reduce hydrocarbons (hc) & diesel odour by up to 90%, reduce diesel particulate matter (dpm) by up to 70% and reduce acrolein by up to 90%.

Microfresh® Oxidation Catalyst Efficiency

oxidation catalyst efficiency graph

Catalyst & Housing Composition

inline catalytic converter

  • Stainless Steel Foil (Substrate Core)
  • Stainless Steel Grade 304 (Housing)
  • Catalyst CPSI = 140
  • Minimal Backpressure ( < 3.9" H20)

Catalyst Effectiveness

  • CO (Carbon Monoxide) up to 99%
  • HC (Hydrocarbons) up to 90%
  • Acrolein up to 90%
  • NOx (Nitrogen Oxide) up to 30%
  • DPM (Diesel Particulate Matter) up to 60%-82%


catalytic muffler

Lifespan of Catalyst

  • 3 to 5 years (8,000 to 10,000 hours)


  • Designed to be maintenance free when installed on a regularly maintained engine.
  • If maintenance is required simply unbolt catalyst and blow out in opposite direction of exhaust flow with high
  • Pressure air or water (maximum 1600 psi recommended).


All catalysts are manufactured from premium grade stainless steel to prevent corrosion & promote durability. Most sizes can be shipped the same day order is placed and every catalyst is shipped with its own performance certificate.

Better still, microfresh® diesel oxidation catalyst installation is quick and easy and our catalysts are virtually maintenance free.


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