Pure enthusiasm for filtration

Who we are

Filtration is our passion. We have been active in this fascinating world since 1957, advancing the field and setting new standards: for clean air, for clear water, for our customers. As part of the Freudenberg Group with 52,000 employees around the world, our thoughts and actions are guided by reliable values.

With our solutions, we seek to protect humans and the environment and conserve natural resources. We help our customers optimize industrial processes and make them more efficient. What inspires us: Health and comfort coupled with technical expertise for greater efficiency in industrial processes.

Our customers benefit from application-optimized filtration solutions in many markets

Filtration Know-How

Our industry expertise ranges from automotive, mining and chemicals all the way to cement. Our special fields of competence are: Paint industry, gas turbines and compressors, food and beverage industry, gas phase filtration, end consumer applications, industrial water treatment, dust removal and environmental protection.

“Our success is based primarily on the outstanding dedication of our employees around the world. They give it their best every day, working passionately to offer our customers excellent service and innovative solutions.” Barry Kellar, Global Vice President Automotive

What speaks in our favor

  • Founded in 1957
  • Pioneer in synthetic filtration media
  • 2009 our start as a Freudenberg Business Group
  • 2,100 employees – this has doubled since 2009
  • 30 sites worldwide
  • Product brands: Viledon (Industrial) and micronAir (Automotive)
  • Over 100,000 filters produced per day

What we do

We are dedicated to ensuring that air, water and other process media only contain what they are intended to contain: for better quality of life, sustainable environmental protection and the reassuring feeling of having safely mastered processes.

  • Clean air
    • In vehicle cabins and engines
    • In gas turbines and compressors
    • In paint shops for cars and many other applications
    • In food and beverage production
    • In clean rooms and pharmaceutical laboratories
    • In residential spaces and offices
    • In hospitals, universities and schools
    • On cruise ships, in concert halls, in museums
    • In many industrial applications
  • Purified water
  • Process-safe liquids
  • Corrosion protection