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Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Australia manufacture and supply Industrial and manufacturing filtration products for both Australian and overseas markets.

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Australia has been a leading provider of Industrial filtration solutions Support a wide array of businesses in main industry groups: Air Pollution Control, Refrigeration, Industrial process air, since the early 1990s. We are very familiar with the extreme conditions faced by a variety of these industries, we know how our filter solutions can contribute to optimal protection of the workers and equipment.

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Australia have been assisting to protect the health of industrial workers and protecting critical equipment for years.

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Australia have the inhouse ability to design and create new products/solutions with the backup of our global team of engineering and testing laboratories professionals.

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Australia manufacture our air filtration products/solutions in our factory/warehouse at Braeside in Melbourne Australia.

Further to being the leaders in industrial filtration, FFT also have a variety of products suited to other filtration applications like dust control and vehicular cabin pressurisation air filtration.

As inventor of the nonwoven technology and the cabin air filter, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Australia have been developing high-quality filter solutions for several decades.

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Panel Filters World's leading

Filter Panels

Rectangular or square Industrial Air Filter panels made with pleated filter media potted in galvanised or aluminium frames and typically having a metal guard on at least one side. Typical applications: General ventilation, dust control, cabin air filtration, air conditioning, sweeper trucks, vacuum trucks, dust pre-filters, machine intake and others.
Global Filtration know-how

Pleated Bag Cartridges (PBC)

Pleated bags manufactured using a wide variety of Industrial Air Filter media and materials to suit your application. These are made to suit each dust collector’s cell plate opening ensuring adequate seal by use of stainless steel snap bands or galvanised insert cones. Typical applications: Dust collection, ventilation, bulk handling, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, mining.
Inlet Blower Filters (MF) Designed for Industrial use

Inlet Blower Filters (MF)

Industrial Air Filter Cartridges specifically designed for blower and compressor intakes. Typical applications: Blower and compressor intakes, industrial process air, pneumatic conveying, bulk handling materials.
World's leading Industrial quality

Coalescer Filters

Coalescer filters manufactured in a variety of sizes and configurations to suit most Industrial Refrigeration equipment in Australia. Typical applications: Industrial refrigeration, food and beverage, pharmaceutical
Filtration know-how

Oil filters, Strainers and Pre-strainers

Oil filters, strainers and pre-strainers made in a wide array of dimensions and configurations in order to offer protection to coalescers and so extend their life. Other lubrication filters are also manufactured. Typical applications: Industrial refrigeration.
Protect personnel from ultrafine nanoparticles

Cabin Air Filters

FFT Cabin Air Filters protect personnel from ultrafine nanoparticles (including dusts such as Diesel Particulate, Silica and Asbestos), not necessarily stopped by standard OEM Filters.
World's leading pressurisation systems

Pressurisation Solutions

Most cost-effective and efficient method to stop dust and other pollutants from entering a room or vessel whilst ensuring a constant supply of filtered air. Typical applications: MCC rooms, marshalling stations, substations, control rooms, telephone exchanges, offices, dongas, transportable rooms, storage rooms, pump rooms, as well as most commercial and residential applications.
Global know-how

Dust Collection Filters

Industrial Air Filters for dust collection systems are found in a variety of processes across the country. Typical applications: Wood work, plasma and laser cutting, blasting, coating, sample prep, sample assay, fire assay and many other applications.
Made to your specifications

Custom Made Air Filters Australia

Filters manufactured to your exact requirements and specifications to match existing equipment or R&D requirements. These can be (but not limited to) cartridges, panels (including pulse panels), pleated bag cartridges.
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How to ensure hygienic air quality

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