Standards and Certifications

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Freudenberg Filtration Technologies stands for best quality. This means for you: more security in daily use. Our consistent commitment to the highest standards is also reflected in the diversity of our certifications and quality improvement initiatives.

Certification of air filters

The certification of fine filters and their energy efficiency classification is currently carried out by the EUROVENT Certification Company. They revised its certification program and classification to further provide a powerful orientation for energy-efficient filter selection. Since January 2019 a new energy rating based on the ISO 168900:2016 test standard has been in force. Dust removal media, on the other hand, are tested and certified according to EN 60335-2-69 appendix AA.
ISO 16890

Classification of air filters

Standardized test methods exist in Europe for the testing and classification of coarse and fine dust filters as well as HEPA filters. The ISO 16890 standard for fine dust filters, which will be the sole valid standard from mid-2018 onwards, is much more differentiated compared to the previous standard and is based on the local air quality of the respective process site.
Standards and guidelines

Standards and guidelines

We are an active member of leading international committees, trade associations and standards committees. In this context, questions frequently asked by our customers about standards and guidelines for the use of filters in a variety of applications and industries are especially important to us. As a technology leader, we are committed to relevant, international quality and performance standards.