Health, Safety and Environment protection (HSE


This policy sets out Freudenberg Filtration Technologies (Aust) Pty Ltd’s commitment to:

  • the implementation of the Freudenberg Group’s Guiding Principles and their

    guidelines for the Health, Safety and Environment protection (HSE).

  • in compliance with national, state and local legal requirements and regulations.

  • implementation of the approved Environment Management System to meet the requirements of international standard ISO14001.

  • providing the continuous improvement of safe, healthy working environment with professional trainings to its employees, contractors and visitors in its workplaces for

    • -  Prevention of accidents

    • -  Prevention of work-related health hazards

    • -  Prevention of pollution to environment protection.

      It sets out the guidelines and procedures to be followed to ensure compliance with Freudenberg Group’s HSE standards and requirements.


      This policy applies to all FFT (Aust)’s employees, contractors and visitors.


      FFT (Aust) values occupational HSE. In order to create a healthy, safe and protected environment workplaces to all employees, contractors and visitors, it is our obligation to

      o offer safe and health working conditions

      o eliminate/minimize OH&S risks according to the hierarchy of measures

      o include workers in to decision making regarding HSE matters

      o provide appropriate guidance and training in identification, assessment and control of hazards at workplaces to achieve the best practice in safety performance.

      Resources in line with the importance attached to occupational health, safety and environmental protection will be made available to comply with Freudenberg HSE standards, standards ISO 45001 & ISO14001, relevant Act. and regulations, and to ensure that the workplaces are safe with minimized risks to health, safety and environment.

      FFT (Aust) expects all employees to cooperate with established HSE protocols, take responsibility for their own actions, do not put themselves or others or environment at risk, take seriously to the identified HSE issues and implemented safety measures preventing the risk of injury at workplaces.

      Management Responsibility

      The promotion and maintenance of occupational health, safety and environment protection is primarily the responsibility of management. Management, at all levels, is required to contribute to the health and safety of all persons and prevention of pollution in the 

      workplace. To this end, it is the responsibility of management to develop, implement and keep under review, the organisation’s HSE Programs in consultation with related employees.

      Management team supports our core principles by proves financial and human resources, provides leadership for all of our employees and contractors. They consider the HSE in all aspects of activities, products and services.

      Specific Responsibilities

    • a)  Senior management

      All managers are required to ensure that this policy and HSE Programs developed are effectively implemented in their areas of control, and to support head supervisors and hold them accountable for their specific responsibilities.

    • b)  Management & supervisors

      Each first-line supervisor is responsible, and will be held accountable, for taking all practical measures to ensure that:

      • HSE Program compliance in the areas are in their control, employees are supervised and trained to meet the requirement under the program;

      • Employees are consulted in issues which affect their health, safety and environment protection concern and any concerns they may have are referred to management.

    • c)  Employees

      All employees are required to co-operate with the HSE Policy and HSE Programs to ensure themselves and other’s health and safety, to contribute to prevention of accidents, work-related health hazards and pollution to the environment protection at the workplaces.

    • HSE Program

      In order to implement the general provisions of this policy, a program of activities and procedures will be set up, continually updated and effectively carried out. The program will relate to all aspects of occupational health and safety including:

    • d)  Contractors, Suppliers and Visitors

      All contractors, suppliers and visitors are engaged to perform work on site or locations are required, as part of their agreement, to comply with this policy and the procedures of HSE management at all time, and to observe directions on health and safety from designated officers of the organisation. Failure to comply or observe a direction will be considered a breach of the contract and sufficient grounds for termination of the contract.


  • emergency procedures and drills;

  • risk assessment and precautions;

  • risk control and prevention trainings;

  • job safety & environment analysis and hazard reporting;

  • strengthening of HSE leadership skills at all management levels;

  • “We all help” and Open Eyes initiative;

  • safe work or operate instructions and procedures;

  • personal safety protections;

  • Lock out and Tag out procedures;

  • provision of HSE equipment, services and facilities;

  • regular workplace inspections and evaluations;

  • implementation of work related incident, accident, injuries and illnesses reporting;

  • improvement of risk awareness and safety culture;

  • encouragement of participation through consultation and integrating HSE

    responsibilities into the day-to-day activities of all employees, as well as the

    contractors whom we can control;

  • avoidance and reduction of using environmentally harmful materials through reviews

    and substitution;

  • reduction of environmental footprint by reducing our consumption of raw materials,

    energy, water and other goods;

  • reduction of the wastes from production and administration activities;

  • implementation of 5S program at workplace;

  • HSE internal auditing and external audits.

    It is a requirement that all employees, contractors, suppliers, service providers and visitors comply to these policies and procedures at all times.