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Fighting dust with better filters

How can the air in museums be improved to protect art?

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Accident on Mars

A game for amateur astronauts

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Underground lettuce

Turning a London bunker into a farm

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Smell something cheesy?

When food goes bad...

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When walls become lungs
When walls become lungs

Smart Home systems ensure healthier indoor air

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Freudenberg Filtration Technologies supply HEPA filters to fit Gualapack yoghurt pouch filling machines and similar.
Freudenberg Filtration Technologies leads the way with Aseptic Food-Safe Certified Filters for Dairy Production
Even after more than 20 years of cooperation, our customer continues to benefit from our wide range of individual products and services. Based in South Africa, this chemical and energy group faced a series of filtration-related challenges at its...
Food and beverage manufacturers are required to rigorously avoid health hazards from infectious microorganisms in their production processes. Ventilation systems that are well maintained, hygienically flawless and equipped with highly effective air...
Viledon filterCair service modules Covid-19 plant check and hygiene monitoring
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Success comes in modules

Air filters are indispensable in many areas of our lives. They ensure that food and beverages are produced in a hygienic environment, prevent damage and downtime in power plants, and protect data in data centers by reducing corrosion. Filters ensure...
Success comes in modules
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Silicosis Prevention

Learn about the Freudenberg Pressurisation systems for silicosis prevention
Learn how pressurisation can protect employees from the effects of silica dust and other fine particulates
For many years, the German VDI Guideline 6022 applied without restriction to the planning, operation and maintenance of air filter systems in surface treatment. This is about to Change because ever-stricter hygiene requirements are dominating the...
German VDI 6022 revised: scope of application limited
Vehicle cabin air filters by Freudenberg Filtration Technologies contribute to effective SARS-CoV-2 surface protection. Recent ISO18184 tests conducted by the renowned Guang Zhou Institute of Microbiology (China) have shown the company’s micronAir...
Cabin air filters provide added anti-viral value
Freudenberg has started producing mouth-nose masks for end-consumers. The masks under the brand name “Collectex” are available in the Vileda online shop – initially only in Germany.
With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to spread quickly around the globe, there seems to be growing indications that air pollution likely increases coronavirus vulnerability.
Coronavirus vulnerability apparently greater in polluted areas
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Germs have no chance

When it comes to air filtration systems in hospitals, hygiene has the highest priority. After all, air contamination can quickly have life-threatening consequences. For this reason, an individually tailored filtration solution including a maintenance...
Germs have no chance
Dirt and dust are a major problem for turbomachinery, especially when the filter concept is not right. In Saudi Arabia, we equipped one of the world’s largest power and desalination plants with new filters. The result is reduced maintenance and...
The challenging desert climate
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Explosion-safe dedusting

Wherever is a lot of dust, the danger of explosions increases. Some dust-air mixtures are so flammable that even the smallest spark is all it takes. The consequences are usually dramatic – and life-threatening for employees. This risk can be...
Explosion-safe dedusting
The automotive and supplier industry places maximum demands on the quality of coating results. Wetting errors are thus a time-consuming and costly issue. Either they need to be repaired or entire parts have to be repainted. For this reason, many of...
Achieve brilliant coating results with LABS-compliant filters
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WeChat channels in China

Since spring 2018, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies has been actively maintaining a presence on the incredibly popular WeChat multi-purpose platform in China.
WeChat channels in China
With its intuitive color scheme to facilitate easy recognition of different risk levels and health recommendations, the Air Quality Index (AQI) is an established method for reporting daily air quality in different regions across the globe....
Understanding the Air Quality Index (AQI)
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Service Day 2019

In partnership with Fiat Chrysler’s OES Organization Mopar, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies participated in Service Day 2019, held in Brescia, Italy, from November 8-9. The focus of the event was on the importance of using genuine spare parts so...
Service Day 2019
Rügenwalder Mühle has been producing high-quality food since 1832. To this end, the long-established brand focuses on modern production processes with the highest hygiene standards – including when it comes to air filtration. Thanks to the Viledon...
Lufthygiene als Erfolgsrezept
Learn about Freudenberg's food safe certified filtration solutions for flawless Dairy Production air hygiene
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Measurably more safety

Hygienically clean air is imperative in the production of food and medicines. In this context, air filter systems and their maintenance are crucial for product quality and consumer safety. Viledon filterCair Services have been expanded to include...
Messbar mehr Sicherheit
Learn why Freudenberg are the leader's in-cabin air filtration! see us at AIOH 2019 Perth Australia
Learn why Freudenberg are the leaders in cabin air filtation!
In cleanrooms and areas with a high hygiene risk, it is not just the filtration system that determines the quality of the supply air. Reliable maintenance also plays an important role.
filterCair Food and Pharma industry
One of the challenges in air filtration is to combine filter types and filter classes into a tailor-made overall system that is perfectly adapted to the ambient conditions. In humid climates, Viledon coalescer prefilters provide optimum protection...
Viledon hydroMaxx
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Super heroes!

This charming short film shows a father explaining to his son about all the “invisible bad guys” who populate the outside air – and what super hero “Micron-Air” with his magic shield is doing to stand up to them. The movie ends with a timely reminder...
Movie micronAir
Learn about the advantages of pressurizing your equipment.
Learn about the health risks of Diesel Nanoparticles?
Giacomo Menzio, Automotive Market Manager at Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, used a recent webinar to highlight some of the issues surrounding in-vehicle pollution during which he presented five key recommendations.
What’s in the air inside your vehicle?
With surface filters such as filter cartridges or bags, the dust cake that forms on the surface must be regularly removed. This cleaning is usually carried out using compressed air: either at fixed intervals or – better still – based on the...
Honda North America has awarded Freudenberg Filtration Technologies its 7th consecutive Service Parts Supplier Award. The award is given to suppliers for their outstanding track record regarding quality, delivery and price, with only approximately 3%...
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Certified Safety

The EU directive ATEX 2014 / 34 / EU regulates the use of equipment and protective systems in explosion-endangered areas. This also applies to air filters and filter elements.
Freudenberg Filtration Technologies takes over majority of Apollo Air-cleaner Co., Ltd. in China
Closing completed: Apollo now part of the Freudenberg Group
Freudenberg Filtration Technologies has introduced a new premium activated carbon selection for automotive cabin air filters: the micronAir Gas Shield line. Three regionally customized activated carbon combinations are now available to adsorb a wide...
Learn about the Superior Nanoparticle Reduction Performance of Freudenberg Catalytic Exhaust Filters
Freudenberg Filtration Technologies published the new Viledon® product catalog 2019/2020. This edition features updated information on the ISO 16890 test standard, the EUROVENT Directive 4/23 and the new energy efficiency classes (4/21).
Freudenberg Filtration Technologies has won the prestigious Automotive Technology Innovation Award 2018, which was presented at the International Automotive Congress in Shanghai at the end of last year.
Our Global Vice President Automotive Filters Barry Kellar talked to Automotive Filtration Insight about the past year and prospects for the future.
Filtration reaches into our lives in all sorts of places and in thousands of different applications. To give you a sense of the many ways in which Freudenberg Filtration Technologies impacts everyday life, we have created a great new image film.
Our advanced, high-performance filtration systems are also widely used in the painting operations of leading OEM automotive manufacturers. As well as providing flawless painting results, they effectively reduce both costs and environmental impact.
Held at the WHO’s Geneva headquarters from October 30 to November 1, 2018, the first ever WHO Global Conference on Air Pollution and Health reported on the ever-increasing harm of pollution to health, explored ways to prevent air pollution diseases,...
The global technology group Freudenberg is expanding its filter business. The Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Business Group has signed a contract in China to purchase the majority shares of Apollo Air-cleaner Co., Ltd.
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No chance for legionella

Dry instead of wet: operators of paint shops play it safe when they choose dry separation of overspray for their facilities.
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Dry separation made easy

Dry paint mist separation in paint shops is very much in vogue. At the PaintExpo 2018 in Karlsruhe Freudenberg Filtration Technologies presented the alternative: dry separation using modern filtration solutions.
Nothing should dull the driving pleasure and futuristic design of a new car. Not even the smallest surface defects in plastic components, which are barely visible to the human eye.
e.FFECT - that is the name of the new software tool with which Freudenberg Filtration Technologies is able to configure supply air filtration systems for customers even more precisely.
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Cleaning up on wastewater

Viledon Water Solutions with Aquabio technology are the first choice for safely and efficiently preparing industrial wastewater for the protection of the environment and nature. The Ardmore Distillery provides a recent example.

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