Diesel Exhaust Filters for Mining Fleet Vehicles (CRT)

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Continuous Regeneration Technology (CRT)

Our Continuous Regeneration Technology (CRT) technology range includes diesel particulate filters for Atlas 6020, CAT 45B, CAT 55B and Sandvik 663 Mining Fleet Trucks as well as CAT R1700, CAT R2900 and Sandvik 621 & 517 Loaders mining fleet vehicles.

CRT Catalytic Diesel Exhaust Filters are a direct replacement for the OEM Muffler.

Freudenberg are renowned diesel particulate filtration manufacturers, approved and preferred suppliers to the Australian Mining Industry.

FFT (Freudenberg Filtration Technologies) Continuous Regeneration (CRT) Diesel Exhaust filters:

  • Reduce mine site personnel exposure to Diesel Exhaust Emissions, a Group 1 Carcinogen listed by the World health Organisation IARC and recognised by Australian Cancer Council as Cancer Causing.
  • microfresh® CRT filters improve air quality underground and help improve the short and long term health of workers in enclosed space.
  • microfresh® CRT filters are locally made in Australia by Murray Engineering for Australian mining conditions.
  • microfresh® CRT filters have full product installation and service support provided by Murray Engineering and Freudenberg Filtration.
  • microfresh® CRT filters are direct replacements for OEM mufflers, quick and easy to install.

FFT Continuous Regeneration Technology (CRT)

  • Are the most efficient filtration technology available.
  • Provide 90% reduction of Carbon Monoxide and Hydrocarbons, and a 92+% reduction in diesel particulate matter DPM.
  • Eliminate cold start up soot.
  • Passively regenerate through the use of proprietary catalysts meaning longer service intervals compared to other ceramic filters.
  • Come standard with Back Pressure Monitoring equipment.

CRT Filter Efficiency

Murray Engineering offer a full service exchange / cleaning service for these CRT Catalytic Diesel Exhaust Filters and PFF Filters. Murray Engineering are a mining services company who understand underground machines, mining operations and the importance of reducing onsite maintenance concerns.

CRT Filter Function


CRT Filter Stage 1

  • Diesel Oxidation Catalyst
  • Removes Gaseous Emissions
  • Removes up to 45% of particulate
  • Assists self-cleaning action of DPF

CRT Filter Stage 2

  • Metallic DPF
  • Removes up to 92% of particulate
  • Meets NO2 Emission limits

Exhaust Pollutant Components & Their Effects

CO (Carbon Monoxide) = The deadliest and most watched of pollutants, CO if not removed from exhaust can upon exposure be very toxic and lethal. CO restricts the red blood cells ability to absorb oxygen molecules thereby suffocating the body. CO can be cancer causing.

HC (Hydrocarbons) = A very deadly and toxic pollutant, hydrocarbons are responsible for creating small irritants that can be easily absorbed into the lungs if not removed from the exhaust stream. Once in the lungs it can cause respiratory infections and shortness of breath.
The harsh smell associated with all diesel engines is a byproduct of HC.

DPM (Diesel Particulate Matter) = Although not immediately lethal, prolonged exposure to these groups of pollutants can cause serious illness including cancer and respiratory problems.  DPM is made up of dry carbon (soot), inorganic oxides (primarily as sulfates), and liquids. Liquids are a combination of unburned diesel fuel and lubricating oils which as a group are referred to as soluble organic fractions (SOF) or volatile organic fractions (VOF). 

Acrolein - Clear, colourless or yellowish liquid with a piercing, disagreeable odour.
Extremely flammable and toxic by inhalation or ingestion. Can cause tearing of the lung (Lachrymator). Will also cause irritation to skin and eyes.

FFT CRT Acrolein Reduction Rate: up to 90%


CRT Filter Housing Composition

  • Stainless Steel DOC & Sintered Metal CRT Element
  • High Density cell with unique coating
  • Available in multiple Vehicle Configurations - Custom exhaust available

CRT Filter Maintenance

  • Minimal maintenance required with CRT Technology
  • FFT, recommend a maintenance interval of 2000 – 3000 hours that includes heat treatment, and compressed air cleans.
  • CRT Filter Cleaning

CRT Filter Operating Conditions

  • Exhaust Temperature range between 150 - 500 °C
  • Optimal Operating Temperature is between 250 - 320 °C
  • Safe to operate in enclosed space
  • Normal Operation Pressure Drop - 1.5 - 4.5KPA

CRT Filter Life Span

  • 10,000 operating hours.
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For Mining Vehicles and Rooms creating a Safer working environment
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General mining filter range

FT general mining filter ranges includes Filter Cartridges, Pulse Cleaning Panels, Pleated Bag Cartridges (PBC), Inlet Blower Filters (MF) and Cabin Air Filter products, some of which are also used for Air Pollution Control and Industrial Process Air applications.
Designed for Underground mining diesel engines

Diesel Exhaust Filters

DA diesel exhaust filter range was developed specifically for use in the underground coal mining industry where miners experience extreme working conditions.

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies | CRT Diesel Exhaust Filters for Mining Fleet Vehicles.