Air management for HVAC systems

Optimised climatic conditions to protect people

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are currently a major focus of interest. This is because serious problems such as the so-called “sick building syndrome” can be directly attributed to poorly maintained and insanitary HVAC systems.

The multi-stage Viledon air filtration system

To ensure the proper protection of people’s health, air filters in HVAC systems need to function at much higher levels of efficiency. Compliance with relevant standards and guidelines is of particular importance in this respect. The filters used must ensure that the level of dust, bacteria, fungi and biological constituents circulating in rooms does not exceed that of the air outside the building.

To achieve the required indoor air quality, we combine air filters of different classes and designs into multi-stage systems. Usually a two-stage prefiltration consisting of Viledon pocket filters and cassette filters removes coarse to fine particles. Viledon EPA, HEPA and ULPA filters are used as a final filter stage. They are responsible for reliably arresting finest particles and germs.

Reduce energy costs with Viledon

In addition, rising energy prices and the need to reduce CO₂ emissions are both creating increased demand for more efficient air filters. The fans of HVAC systems consume about 10% of a building’s total energy consumption, of which between 10% and 50% is attributable to pressure loss in the filters. Reducing the pressure drop in air filtration systems can thus save significant energy costs while reducing CO₂ emissions.

For the energy-optimized operation of HVAC systems – while still ensuring that filter efficiency is adequate to deliver the necessary indoor air quality – we recommend Viledon air filters. These filters have a large dust holding capacity combined with a low pressure drop curve, which cause lower energy consumption.

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Viledon FilterCair service

Your comprehensive service package for maximum filter performance

Improve the performance and efficiency of your HVAC system with the sophisticated Viledon FilterCair filter management system.

Your benefits: Energyefficient filtration system and maximum people protection with customizable packages – consisting of a comprehensive filter selection plus services and warranties at guaranteed fixed costs. Let us help you implement a high-performance and environmentally friendly system solution for your HVAC system to achieve a long-term reduction in your operating costs.

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How efficient is your filtration system?

Find the optimal filter solution for your plant with e.FFECT based on ISO 16890

Standardized systems for supply air filtration are frequently inefficient and do not make full use of their potential for optimization. The more specifically filter systems are customized to the respective ambient conditions and plant requirements, the greater performance and reliability they achieve.

Our experts work with you to develop the best filter solution for your plant on the basis of the testing standard ISO 16890. In the filter evaluation, typical urban and rural particle size distributions are considered based on the particulate matter fractions PM1, PM2,5 and PM10, and filter arrestance efficiencies are determined accordingly.

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With e.FFECT, the electronic Freudenberg Filter Efficiency Calculation Tool, calculating the optimal filter solution is extremely simple. The local ambient conditions and specific process requirements enter directly into the calculation. Multi-stage filter systems can then be objectively compared. This simplifies the selection of the best filter concept for your needs.

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ISO 16890 Particle size HVAC Exemplary particle classification to PM fractions

Hygiene guideline VDI 6022 for maximum protection

Requirements for air-conditioning and ventilation systems

The guideline VDI 6022 “Hygiene requirements for ventilation and air-conditioning systems and units”, Part 1, April 2006 sets out the requirements for HVAC systems in design, manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance, which are useful or necessary for hygienic operation in ensuring the protection of people. Under the terms of these guidelines, conventional filters display significant shortcomings. In contrast, Viledon air filters fully comply with all requirements of VDI 6022.

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