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Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, suppliers of air filtration in Australia systems, equipment and consumables. We have Australia’s most complete range of HVAC and HEPA air filters. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies provide the expertise and support our customers need to comply with mandatory standards. Our customers know they can rely on Freudenberg Filtration Technologies to carry the stock needed to keep your air filtration system in perfect working order.

Filter products from Freudenberg do an outstanding job in countless applications that call for dust removal or emission protection. They not only provide top performance in their area, they also achieve a long service life while saving additional space and money, depending on the application.

Our world wide expertise for air filtration controlled environments in the health science, medical, pharmaceutical mining, Industrial air filtration and (HVAC) systems.

Air Filters, Corrosion & Odour Control Systems Freudenberg Filtration Technologies’s comprehensive air filtration services include:

  • Industrial – we provide Industrial air filtration technologies for the control of airborne contaminants of all kinds including dust, toxic and corrosive chemicals and odours. When you entrust your air purification needs to Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, you get the benefit of our world wide knowledge of the applicable standards and how they can be met andFreudenberg Filtration Technologies’s cutting edge research and development.

  • Pharmaceutical – our Containment Air Filtration Systems, HEPA Filters comply with all applicable standards and guidelines, The pharmaceutical industry also requires the same high demands on air purity in the production of pharmaceutical drugs and active ingredients.

  • Clean Rooms - Sensitive applications demands maximum purity Multi-stage Viledon filter concepts for sterile air and cleanrooms High-tech demands maximum purity. The tightest manufacturing tolerances and absolute precision in the production of semiconductors or nanoprocessors can be achieved only under cleanroom conditions.

  • Food and Beverage - Optimum safety in food and beverage production Individual filtration solutions for the strictest hygiene requirements Clean air is absolutely essential in food production. Only with controlled and monitored air quality can contamination be reliably minimized. The use of high-efficiency filtration solutions ensures maximum air hygiene and air quality compliance within the strictest standards and regulations.

  • Environmental – Reliable air polution protection. Less odor and corrosion. Wastewater treatment often produces contaminant gases that cause unpleasant odors and can even damage sensitive electronics. Protect your employees and processes reliably from the effects of these gases.

  • Health and Health Science – Freudenberg Filtration Technologies makes it easy for hospitals and surgeries, cleanrooms and PC3 / PC4 rated laboratories to control airborne contaminants, and meet and exceed mandatory air quality standards for critical care environments. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Clean Ventilation systems create controlled clean zones over operating tables.

  • Commercial – Freudenberg Filtration Technologies is a leading supplier of commercial air conditioning filters, and filters for odour control and VOC removal.

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies has designed over 5000 different air filters for the Australian market so chances are that we will have a solution that meets your requirements.

We have managed to build such a large product range by always welcoming all enquiries and developing solutions for our clients. Our commitment to support the Australian market remains strong and this includes working side by side with our clients on unique designs regardless of their volumes.

  • To assist in the development of new filters (panels, cartridges, pleated bag cartridges) and others
  • Clear product specifications
  • No hidden costs
  • Quality products made from the same quality FFT components used on standard filters
  • Immediate quotation and constant communication during design phase
  • Short lead times
  • Competitive prices.

Contact us and we will advise you of the nearest outlet for your requirements.

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