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• Greater return on investment

• Safer working environment

• Future-proofing your mine site for regulatory requirements.

Delivering Quality and Safety to the work site through Inovation.

By listening to our customers

Freudenberg Filtration Techonoligies Australia have teamed with Work Air Technologies to provide a safer workplace for your staff driving heavy machinery in potentially harmful environments and have achieved a world leading design, fabrication and installation of a patented in cab filtration and pressurisation units.

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Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Australia has developed the most advanced S.A.F.E.air® pressurisation and filtration

Clean Safe Air is not given a second thought until you cannot get it.

There can be more pollutants inside a vehicles cabin or in a room than is in the outside air

Contaminated air can cause premature mechanical and electrical breakdowns

The latest S.A.F.E.air®  systems are proven to:

  1. Reduce dangerous contaminates in mining vehicles operators cabins
  2. Reduce contamination in operations rooms etc
  3. Reduce the maintenance of electrical cabinets and control rooms and HVAC units in fixed and mobile units.
  4. Reduce the concentration of C02

Discover our S.A.F.E.air® Filtration systems

Enclosed Operator Cabin Filtration

S.A.F.E.air® Cabin Pressurisation

The world's leading filtration and pressurisation system. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Innovation delivers a SAFER mine site with medical quality filtration.
Room Pressurisation keeps out dust

S.A.F.E.air® Room Pressurisation and filtration

The world's leading filtration and pressurisation system for equipment and operation rooms. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Innovation delivers a site with fresh medical quality filtration.
Freudenberg S.A.F.E.air® Cabinet

The most advanced Cabinet pressurisation filtration

Protect you production critical electronic equipment in the harshest of working conditions. Reducing unplanned downtime and high cost breakdowns by using S.A.F.E.air® Cabinet filtration

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S.A.F.E.air® Air Filtration and Pressurisation systems



ISO 23875 Compliance

Delivering Clean Air

Safeguard your workers’ future health with S.A.F.E.air



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Automonous Vechicle electronic cabinet protection

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S.A.F.E air Nano particle &
CO2 filtration

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ISO 23875 Air quality performance
testing key criteria

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Cabin (HEPA Level Filtration and Pressurisation HVAC)

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Freudenberg Filtration Technologies | S.A.F.E.air® Filtration and Pressurisation for Driver Cabins, Electronics Cabinets and Control rooms.