Powerful Filters to Eliminate Unpleasant Odors

Efficient solutions to protect your employees and processes

Odor emissions that are perceived as unpleasant can arise in many processes. Odorous substances are chemical compounds that, when present in a certain concentration, can produce unpleasant odors or even corrode sensitive electronic devices. With specially developed filtration systems, we reliably remove contaminant gases from the air to protect your employees and processes.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Additional protection against corrosion
  • Reliable compliance with limits
  • Better working conditions for your employees

Corrosion due to malodorous gases

Various gases are usually responsible for unpleasant odors in industry, simultaneously promoting the electrochemical oxidation of metal by oxides and salts (corrosion). This can damage surfaces and components, leading to disruptions in equipment. Corrosion can be responsible for reduced production efficiency, expensive repairs, and unplanned downtime, among other issues. Therefore, odor control and the filtration of strong-smelling malodorous gases is essential to effectively reduce costs and ensure the smooth operation of the facility.

Wastewater treatment

Reliable protection. Less odor and corrosion.

During treatment, wastewater is purified by means of chemical and biological processes. This can produce contaminant gases, which typically smell like rotten eggs. They are not only unpleasant, they also threaten sensitive electronics with corrosion. Contaminant gas concentrations and the consequences of wastewater treatment on people and machines can be reduced to a minimum with customized filtration concepts and corresponding Viledon ChemControl pellets. Protect your employees and processes reliably from the effects of these gases.

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