Flawless air hygiene in the production of dairy products

The processing of dairy products is a sensitive process and is subject to strict regulatory requirements. Contamination in the manufacturing process can shorten the shelf life of products and reduce their quality. But contaminated cheese, yogurt or butter are not only inedible, they can also cause illness. Expensive product recalls and image damage are also possible.

Air filtration solutions for the safe production of dairy products

Air purity is essential for the hygienic production of dairy products. Air quality control reduces the risk of contamination and ensures the shelf life of dairy products. It also contributes to a safe working environment and protects employees. The design and construction of ventilation systems should prevent the flow of air from contaminated areas into clean areas. The control of room temperature and humidity is also crucial for ensuring the safe production of food. Air quality standards can be determined using hazard analysis (HACCP). We take your individual process requirements into account to find the best possible filtration solution for you.

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