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S.A.F.E.air Underground cabin air filtration and pressurisation protection

Freudenberg S.A.F.E.air Underground Cabin Air Protection. (HEPA Level Filtration and Pressurisation)

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies have been protecting the health of miners with their S.A.F.E.air cabin protection (Filtration and pressurization) systems in open cut environments for many years. These are the only approved systems at some sites where upmost protection is required due to the presence of critical contaminants like asbestos and other minerals

The highest level of underground cabin air filtration and pressurisation protection is now available for your workers

How S.A.F.E.air works:

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies are now taking their S.A.F.E.air® system underground due to strong interest from industry including at the recent AIOH Occupational Hygiene conference in Perth (Dec 19). In addition to offering highest level protection from mining dust found above and below ground like silica and mineral fibres (asbestos), the S.A.F.E.air® system also gives maximum protection from diesel nanoparticles and carbon dioxide (particularly important for underground operations)

The highest filtration efficiency of any cabin protection system on the market

The HEPA level filters incorporated into the system offer the highest filtration efficiency of any cabin protection system on the market. Additional benefits of the S.A.F.E.air® system include very high flow rates and positive cabin pressures to eliminate any dust ingress and quickly remove residual dust brought in from outside environments on personnel’s clothing/boots.

Existing common practice

A common practice in mines can be to place OEM A/C systems into recirculation mode to minimize dust ingress but this can result in sharp CO2 rises to unsafe levels. Likewise, alternate aftermarket pressurizer systems can do very little in terms of fresh air exchange, some manufacturers requiring that cabs be completely sealed to allow for positive pressure increase.

The Freudenberg S.A.F.E.air advantage

  • Freudenberg S.A.F.E.air® systems have a very high rate of fresh air exchange while maintaining a positive pressure in the cabin, and keeping CO2 levels down to ambient/safe levels
  • Freudenberg S.A.F.E.air® systems also protect the entire OEM A/C circuit from dust ingress meaning maintenance activities like fan/evaporator change-outs are reduced to zero (a major return on investment).

Learn more about S.A.F.E.air filtration will benefit your mine site operations.

Below shows the test results on carbon dioxide and nanoparticles in vehicle cabins and earthmoving equipment.

CO2 levels and associated health effects.

Particle ConcentrationEffect on Personal
250-500ppmNormal background concentration in outdoor ambient air
400-1,000ppmConcentrations typical of occupied indoor spaces with good air exchange
1,000-2,000ppmComplaints of drowsiness and poor air. 
2,000-5,000ppmHeadaches, sleepiness and stagnant, stale, stuffy air. Poor concentration, loss of attention, increased heart rate and slight nausea may also be present.
5,000ppmWorkplace max exposure limit (as 8-hour TWA) in most jurisdictions

Carbon Dioxide- LV Cabin with standard A/C system

In Recirculation Mode - Sealed Cabin

Carbon Dioxide- LV Cabin with Freudenberg S.A.F.E.air system

Nanoparticle reduction- Toyota Landcruiser Cabin with S.A.F.E.air, Perth airport

Average particle size= 10 nanometers (Aviation fuel combustion-4x smaller than DPM)

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S.A.F.E.air Cabin Air Filtration and pressurisation systems for staff driving heavy machinery in potentially harmful environments


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S.A.F.E.air Nano particle & CO2 filtration

S.A.F.E.air Nano particle & CO2 filtration


S.A.F.E.air Pressurised Cabin Air Conditioning and Filtration Unit

The world’s leading filtration and pressurisation system

Standards and Certifications

Delivering Clean Air above the industry Standard

ISO 23875 Air quality performance testing key criteria


Nanoparticles test report

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