Since 2016: hydroMaxx pocket filters

Going head-to-head with corrosion

The trick of the drainage effect

If you find “excellent coalescing properties with front-side drainage effect based on the reverse media concept” too abstract, then we would like to take a moment to illustrate to you the principle behind the new Viledon hydroMaxx pocket filters from Freudenberg Filtration Technologies.

Damp, salty air is a thorn in the side of power plant operators. It accelerates the corrosion of turbines and impairs the performance of the compressors. The salt and water must therefore be kept outside.

Within the multi-stage Viledon intake air filter systems, this is precisely the job of the hydroMaxx pocket filters. They are the first to face off the damp, salty intake air. And they do this in a reverse orientation, with their closed tips facing forward to meet the airflow head on. This design trick is called the reverse media concept, and it also reveals the secret behind the drainage effect: The enduringly water-repellent filter medium of the hydroMaxx product series allows the water beads to drip off the front side of the filter with an appropriate “safety distance” from the downstream fine filter stages. At the same time, the droplets wash away the dust. Brilliantly simple, simply brilliant.

High dimensional stability thanks to the integrated self-supporting plastic support cage, easy installation, low space requirement and weight, flexible and modular combinability with other filter stages in 2-in-1 systems, the highest manufacturing quality for maximum functional dependability – hydroMaxx pocket filters have many other advantages. Your Viledon service technician would be happy to explain all of these to you.

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