Freudenberg Equipment Pressurisation Filtration Units


Keeping Your Equipment Under Pressure

Model FK Varivent – Modular compact unit for small volumes
Model F Varivent – Robust pressurizing unit for reliable performance
Model G  Varivent – This pressurisation unit is the biggest standard model in the range
Model PAT Varivent – Designed for heavy duty applications
Model Custom builds - Designed to fit your requirements.

 MODEL No.FanCAPACITY M3/SecondMountingMaterial
FK Centrifugal 0.15 Externally wall - mounted 3CR12 with Mild steel
SS Optional
Axial 0.5 and 2.0 Externally wall - mounted 3CR12 with Mild steel
SS Optional
G Externally mounted Axial up to 5.0 Wall or foot mounted 3CR12 with Mild steel
SS Optional
PAT Belt driven centrifugal fan 1.8, 3.6 and 5.4 Externally wall or Floor mounted 3CR12, epoxy powder coated
Custom Designed for your specific requirements.

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