Mining and Diesel Filtration

mining and diesel filtration


General Mining and Diesel Exhaust Filters

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Australia (FFT) manufacture and supply microfresh® mining and diesel filtration products both in Australia and overseas.

FFT microfresh® diesel exhaust filter products have been assisting to protect the health of underground coal miners for well over a decade and are found on most Australian vehicle OEM's equipment and are used in some capacity by most major mining groups.

FFT also have a microfresh® range of catalytic diesel exhaust filters or hardrock mining vehicles that can practically eliminate gaseous and particulate emissions from all heavy and light duty vehicles including Toyota, CAT, Atlas Copco and Sandvik.

Further to being the leaders in mining diesel exhaust filtration, FFT also have a variety of products suited to other general mining filtration applications like dust control and vehicular cabin air filtration.  

Mining and Diesel Filtration Products



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