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Mining and Diesel Filtration Products

Freudenberg are the World leaders and innovators in General Mining Filtration products, disposable diesel exhaust filter products for coal mining and catalytic diesel exhaust filter products including Diesel Particulate Filters for hard rock mining applications.

The Diesel Particulate Filters produced by Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Reduces Diesel Particulate by up to 99%, Hydrocarbons by up to 90% and Carbon Monoxide by up to 90%. Freudenberg Diesel Particulate Filters improve underground air quality and help improve the short and long term health of workers in enclosed spaces. 

Freudenberg Diesel Particulate Filters exceed Euro 5 emission specifications and Australian Standard AS 2420 making it the ideal choice in the explosive atmosphere of underground coal mines. In recent tests, it was found that the mine ventilation atmosphere had more Diesel Particulate than the actual exhaust coming directly out of vehicles fitted with Freudenberg Diesel Particulate Filters.

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies have a complete range of General Mining filtration from:- 

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