Disposable Diesel Exhaust Filters for Coal Mining


FFT microfresh® Diesel Exhaust Filters offer the highest level of nanoparticle protection available.



About the DA Series Diesel Exhaust Filter

The FFT microfresh® DA diesel exhaust filter range was developed specifically for use in the underground coal mining industry where miners experience extreme working conditions. The DA filter will help remove diesel particulate from the exhaust of heavy diesel machinery operating underground and in confined spaces. This filter has the added safeguard of being non-flammable to 960°C (Tested to Australian Standard AS 2420) making it the ideal choice in the explosive atmosphere of an underground coal mine.

The carcinogenic properties of Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) are well documented

FFT microfresh® DA filters can capture the hazardous sub-micron particles down to 10 nanometers and lower in size. Combine this with being non-flammable, unaffected by exposure to water and low engine back pressure so as not to affect the efficient operation of the diesel engine. The DA is the only filter that offers all these features to give you cleaner air and improved working conditions.

Diesel Exhaust Filters for Coal Mining Applications

Reduces Diesel Particulate by over 95%

FFT microfresh® DA diesel exhaust filters are the preferred choice in the volatile atmosphere of an underground coalmine. They are  supplied to major international mining equipment OEM’s.

Microfresh® DA filters were instrumental in BHP Billiton-Illawarra Coal, diesel research group, reducing maximum underground particulate levels from 0.6 (mg/m³) ‘1993 down to 0.1 (mg/m³) 2001.

  • Diesel exhaust filters are the only feasible control strategy that can reduce particulate emissions from your underground fleet by up to 99%
  • Microfresh® low temperature particulate filtration technologies have utilised effectively without incident in Australian mines for over 20 years
  • The unique depth loading filter media stops particulates throughout its depth. This allows gas to flow freely through the filter, with less backpressure and increased operational life in comparison to other filter media that just stops particles on their surface
  • DA Filters can be changed out in less them 2 minutes and minimises vehicle operaters exposure to DPM by entrapping all collected particulate deep within the filter.

Diesel Exhaust Filters for Confined Space Operations

FFT microfresh® engineers have designed and developed a unique compact dry exhaust heat exchanger that reduces the exhaust gas temperature to below 100ºC and enables the DA filter to be fitted on all diesel powered equipment operating in enclosed or confined spaces. There are many applications such as warehouses, ship's holds, metalliferous mines and emergency power generators to name just a few.

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