PFF Diesel Exhaust Filters for Mining Fleet Vehicles

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies Partial Flow Filter Technology (PFF)

Our Partial Flow Filter (PFF) technology range includes diesel particulate filters for Atlas 6020, CAT 45B, CAT 55B, CAT IT30G & CAT IT28G Integrated Toolcarriers and Sandvik 663 Mining Fleet Trucks, CAT R1700, CAT R2900 and Sandvik 621 & 517 Loaders as well as Toyota LandCruiser mining fleet vehicles.

PFF Catalytic Diesel Exhaust Filters are a direct replacement for the OEM Muffler.

Freudenberg are renowned diesel particulate filtration manufacturers, approved and preferred suppliers to the Australian Mining Industry.


Freudenberg Filtration Technologies | PFF Diesel Exhaust Filters for Mining Fleet Vehicles.