Effective protection in agricultural vehicles

To protect against hazardous substances, the European standard EN 15695-2 (2009) set out strict requirements for air purification systems in agricultural vehicles and self-propelled machinery. The standard stipulated that dusts, aerosols and gaseous contaminants that arise during the use of toxic substances and liquid fertilizers are not permitted to enter the vehicle cabins.

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies has developed top-quality filter solutions and systems that fulfill the demanding requirements of the European Standard. Today, leading OEMs in this market segment are already equipping their vehicles with these filters or developing advanced new solutions together with us.

Fully meeting the requirements of EN 15695-2 for Category 2 cabin applications, dust filters from Freudenberg Filtration Technologies show high efficiency and dust-holding capacity during even extended periods of operational use. At the same time, they consistently maintain low pressure drop values and thus reduce the amount of energy consumed by the vehicle’s air ventilation system.

Multi-stage air purification concept

In accordance with the strict requirements of EN 15695-2, Freudenberg’s highly efficient Category 4 filtration design concept represents the current state-of-the-art technical solution for Category 4 cabins. The perfectly coordinated multi-stage filter concept reliably separates dusts, aerosols and gaseous or vaporous contaminants. Thanks to the unique high-performance activated carbon layer in the final filter stage, these filters even separate extremely fine vaporous contaminants that can be harmful to human health.

Our Category 4 filtration solutions offer previously unheard-of driver protection for series-produced agricultural vehicles. Their very long service life of over 150 hours has been confirmed by extensive and detailed lab tests carried out by our experts, as well as by external EU-approved testing institutes and in the field. To keep operational costs as low as possible and to achieve maximum working life, our Category 4 filters can also be selectively engaged, as needed.

Freudenberg’s technology leadership

As cabin air filter specialists, Freudenberg engineers are active members of the CEN working group. This body has been developing and further revising the European standard EN15695-1 and -2, as in the case of the recent 2017 release.

Freudenberg’s profound expertise in these applications combines state-of-art filtration media with optimized and robust technology solutions for daily use under even extreme conditions. Metal and aluminum frames, injection-molded plastic housings, customized to specific and general application requirements or designs, are just some examples of what Freudenberg can offer. Our aim is always to make our filtration solutions as light as possible to facilitate handling and replacement for the operator.

Close design cooperation activities with leading OEMs and HVAC manufacturers, including extensive lab testing and field trials, have made Freudenberg the world’s leading supplier in this field in terms of manufacturing and supplying cabin air filters to the agriculture industry for air recirculation and fresh air, as well as to protect against dusts, aerosols, vapors and gases.

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